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Supporting Membership

The Ishikawa Orchestra Foundation which runs Orchestra Ensemble Kanazawa is a public interest incorporated foundation aimed at spreading music culture, developing the culture of Ishikawa and contributing to regional development. We are sincerely grateful to your understanding and support for that purpose and welcome you to join the supporting membership.

Guide to the supporting membership

The purpose of the supporting membership is to contribute to the development of music and regional culture trough supporting the Ishikawa Orchestra Foundation.

Members consist of corporate / organizational and individual members which agree with the purpose.

3.Membership fee
One contribution is 50,000 yen per year (In the case of a corporate member, more than 2 contributions would be appreciated). Membership is open at any time.

The period of membership is one year from enrollment.

(1)Receive information related to concerts such as subscription concerts organized by the Ishikawa Orchestra Foundation
(2)Place your name on the programs of subscription concerts and the wall of Ishikawa Ongakudo
(3)Get information magazines
(4)Tax incentives

5. How to join
Please contact us first, then we will request you to fill out necessary items on our application form.

Tax incentives

You may use tax incentive measures for the supporting membership expenses as a donation to a public interest incorporated foundation.

1. Individual member
It is deducted from your income amount as a donation deduction.

2.Corporate member
It is included in expenses to a certain limit amount.

For an Application, Inquiry

Call Ishikawa Orchestra Foundation