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For Musicians

Hiroyuki Iwaki Music Award

"Hiroyuki Iwaki Music Award" was founded in 2007, following the vision of Hiroyuki Iwaki (OEK permanent honorary director) who contributed to support and nurture musicians. This award will be given to musicians who are outstanding in music activities related to three prefectures in Hokuriku and continue to be active in performances (candidates need the recommendation by Culture or Music Foundation in three prefectures of Hokuriku).

Hokuriku Toryumon Concert

toryumon_concertOEK began a project of "Ishikawa Toryumon concert" in 1996 to discover and support young musicians and develop music culture in Ishikawa Prefecture. Until FY 2017, each year its audition held one of three divisions, "piano" "string instruments" "wind / percussion instruments, vocal music" in turn. In FY 2018 we began the audition in a new framework. Every year excellent performers chosen in the audition have opportunities to perform with OEK and have expanded their fields after that.